Adrian A. Baumann

I was born in 1972 and, thanks to my father’s technical enthusiasm, I have mostly been somewhere near a computer since around 1984. Later, I studied linguistics with a focus on modern English, but never completed my studies, as various jobs in various computer science disciplines increasingly competed with my university studies and eventually replaced them.

In 2007 I took a job with the Federal Office of Information Technology and Telecommunication. There, I started as an administrator of various highly available web systems, and in 2013 I moved to the department for security and risk management as part of a reorganization. In addition to my work for the Federal Administration, I teach application and endpoint security at the Wirtschaftsinformatikschule Schweiz.

In 2020, I had the unique opportunity to join ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity in Athens, as a seconded national expert. This means my teaching activities are currently suspended, but I still try to sensitize my fellow human beings to security issues in many possible and impossible situations.  This occasionally happens over a home-brewed beer

More information about my non-safety related activities can be found here.